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Highland Life / Discussion Forums / Highland Energy Forum / General Discussion / First commercial building to achieve Net Zero Electric in USA

First commercial building to achieve Net Zero Electric in USA

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Author Message

John G

Location: Scotland

Saturday 14 July 2007 8:01:40 pm

First commercial building to achieve Net Zero Electric in USA

Already Green!

First commercial building to achieve Net Zero Electric in USA

For the first time a commercial facility in
the US produced enough electrical energy from a renewable energy source to
meet its entire electric utility demand for a full year. Ferreira
Construction headquarters in Branchburg NJ, utilizes renewable energy to
produce all of the electricity needed to operate their 42,000 sq ft
building, a combination of office and shop space.

The 31 Tannery Project exceeded expectations by not only producing all of
the electric energy needed to run this facility but generated a surplus of
energy. This "green" energy surplus was made available for use by other
businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and use of fossil fuels. The
project team invented a new proprietary, patent-pending energy efficiency
and building system monitoring solution which proved critical to their
success . This monitoring system can now be shared nation wide to help
other companies significantly reduce their energy consumption

The US Dept. of Energy has set a goal that renewable energy buildings will
be commercially viable by 2025. The 31 Tannery Project and Ferreira
Construction have completed a major step forward to achieving the goal set
by the DOE. A key element of this amazing project is 100% return on
investment in just 5 to 7 years. The project team is committed to sharing
this impressive design with the US DOE and the state of NJ. It is the goal
of Ferreira Construction and the 31 Tannery Project to educate and provide
other companies with the tools to utilize standard building designs,
renewable energy, high efficiency systems, and their new patent-pending
monitoring system to spread this energy efficiency strategy across the US .

Joseph Grabowski and Ed Brzezowski, the team responsible for the technology
implemented, look forward to sharing this success and welcome all inquiries.

Contact John Grabowski 908-534-8655 / fg@ferreiragroup.com / website www.ferreiragroup.com

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