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Highland Energy Forum

The Highland Energy Forum Continues...

Welcome to the new Energy discussion forums!

Using renewables to tackle fuel poverty, the potential for hydrogen, fuel economy for cars, training for solar panel installation, the growth of community energy schemes...

To help provide information and encourage discussion, the Highland Energy Efficiency Advice Centre has opened the Highland Energy Forum.

Our aim is to share ideas and best practice. We’re linked directly to the Highland Energy Efficiency Advice Centre, which is a source of much specific information about practical steps you can take to help your business or home. The Centre provides information in many forms, including telephone advice, home energy checks and advice on local and national grants, as well as roadshows, presentation and training, and the staff are always glad to hear from you direct.

Highland Renewable Energy Strategy

General Discussion

Soaring prices have pushed energy into the front line of public debate. Three questions are coming to the fore: how to save it, how to help those who can’t afford it, and how to find new sources.

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