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Raigmore Doctor Signs Up for Heartbeat Challenge

Issued: 6 Aug 2008

"Many of the organisers of this event have benefited from the expertise of the Cardiology Department at Raigmore and would like to give something back," as said by John Considine, Rector of Inverness Royal Academy, speaking last year about the Heartbeat Challenge, of which he was a participant, an annual charity event held to raise funds for Cardiology at Raigmore.

The Heartbeat Challenge, a run or walk for 12 miles followed by a 10 mile cycle, started as an idea from three friends who have all had heart problems and credit the fact that they are still here and enjoying an active life to the Cardiology Department at Raigmore Hospital. Jim Crawford, one of the organisers explained:

"It started off as a discussion between three friends on a boat. We all realised that the reason we are still here enjoying an active life was in no small way attributable to the Raigmore Cardiology Department and that we would like to give something back that would help others enjoy the extended lives we are now living."

This year the event is being held on the 6th September and Dr Stephen Cross, Consultant Cardiologist for NHS Highland, has been persuaded to take part. He said:

"I was involved in the event last year on the organisational side and attended as a helper. I was overwhelmed by the number of people putting themselves out to raise funds for our department. I decided that this year it would be much more appropriate if I took part rather than sit on the sidelines. I'm looking forward to doing my bit and I also have an added bonus in that preparing for the event is getting me fitter and I'm losing weight, both of which are making me feel much healthier."

It is hoped that the combined fundraising of this years and last years event will amount to £25,000 which will be used to buy a Tran Oesophageal Probe (TOE Probe) which allows you to take high quality ultrasound pictures of the heart.

Mr Crawford added:

"We all agreed that we wanted to raise a significant amount of money to enable the team in Cardiology to buy something that would enhance the lives of patients in the Highlands. We're confident that with the funds from last year (£9.5k) and what we hope to raise this year we'll be able to present them with the £25,000 needed for the TOE Probe."

Anyone interested in taking part in the Heartbeat Challenge can get further information at www.heartbeatchallenge.co.uk, entries need to be in by 30th August. There is also a 7.5 mile walk for those who are keen to help but can not make the whole challenge.

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