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Pilot refuse collection scheme begins in Skye and Lochalsh

Issued: 1 Sep 2010

In a move to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by households and commercial businesses, The Highland Council begins a 6 month trial of an alternate weekly waste collection scheme in Skye and Lochalsh on Monday (6 September). From this date, collections of the blue recycling bins will become fortnightly, alternating with a fortnightly collection of the general refuse bin. With one or two exceptions, the collections for recycling and refuse will be the day of the present refuse collections. Various alternate weekly schemes are already operated by 21 of Scotland's 32 councils, who have evidenced an increase in recycling. Councillor John Laing, Chairman of the Transport, Environmental and Community Services Committee, said: "Alternate collection schemes are working successfully throughout Scotland and we are eager to introduce this in the Highlands. The pilot in Skye and Lochalsh will give us a good understanding of the issues before we consider rolling this out throughout the Highlands." By the end of this week householders should have received a guide explaining the new collections including a calendar showing their new collections dates. If you have not received yours by the end of the week please contact the Council on 01349 886603. Households with 6 or more permanent residents living at the property or households that create medical waste that currently have a second refuse bin are urged to contact the Council on 01349 886603 to confirm their entitlement for an additional refuse bin. Special 'second bin' stickers will be issued to those households that qualify. Any households with additional bins with no sticker on them will not be collected. Residents are reminded that glass bottles and jars can be taken along to Recycling Points. They are also encouraged to look at the amount of food waste that they create. The average household in Scotland throws away £430 of food every year. The Love Food Hate Waste campaign, www.wasteawarelovefood.org.uk gives advice on using up left-overs, sensible food storage and understanding use by/sell by/best before dates to help people reduce this waste. Home composting is another easy way to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill. Raw fruit and vegetable peelings, cut flowers, garden waste; even items such as shredded paper, cardboard and the contents of a hoover bag can be composted and bins are available at heavily subsidised prices by visiting www.wasteawarescotland.org.uk or calling 0845 0760223. For more help and advice about the new collection system please call 01349 886603, visit www.highland.gov.uk/recycle or email .

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