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Highland pupils perform above the Scottish average in SQA results

Issued: 5 Aug 2010

Highland pupils have done well in their SQA exams, again performing above the Scottish average.

Last year's results by the end of S4 were the best for the previous three years. In almost all key indicators pupils have achieved improvement again this year. At Level 3 (Standard Grade Foundation or Access 3) 91.5% of pupils gained 5 or more Awards. 93.1% achieved awards in English and Maths, an increase of 1.4%.

This year at Level 4 (Standard Grade General and Intermediate 1) pupils improved on last year's very good performance so that 80.7% achieved 5 or more awards at that level.

At Level 5 (Standard Grade Credit and Intermediate 2) 38.6% achieved 5 or more awards, an increase of 1% on last year.

The S5 results are equally encouraging. The percentage of the previous year's S4 who went on to achieve one Higher went up by 2% to 45%, the number achieving three Highers went up to 26.2%, an increase of 1.3%, while the percentage achieving 5 or more Highers remains at 11%.

In S6 the percentage of the S4 cohort who went on to achieve one or more awards at Advanced Higher increased from 12.5% last year to 15.1% this year.

Bill Fernie, Chairman of The Highland Council's Education, Culture and Sport Committee said: "We are presently in the process of verifying the results with our schools. If the accuracy is confirmed, then this will be a very encouraging picture for schools and pupils in Highland. We aim to provide sustained high quality education for our pupils. The SQA results suggest that we are preparing pupils well for the national exams. If we take into account the significant improvements on broader achievement and other important awards that are not normally reflected in SQA exam statistics, I think that we have much to celebrate.

"All of this reflects the standards of learning and teaching, the hard work and dedication of staff, young people and their families. SQA Exam results are a milestone in learning from preschool through primary, secondary and special schools and all have contributed to the success of each and every young person. I want to say 'well done' to all concerned."

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