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Ferintosh Primary School HMIe report

Issued: 30 Nov 2010

Ferintosh Primary school was recently visited by HMIe inspectors and has received a positive report.

Inspectors noted that there was a welcoming atmosphere in the school and that pupils behaved very well and listened attentively to adults and to each other. Pupils were encouraged to make choices, and as a result, they were motivated and actively involved in their learning. The inspectors found that the pupils enjoyed being at school and felt safe and well cared for.

The report stated that the pupils achieved success in a range of areas from charity work through to leading assemblies, sports and musical opportunities.

They noted that pupils were making good progress in listening, talking, reading and maths. They felt that whilst most pupils could structure their writing well and could organise their thoughts appropriately, presentation could be improved. In maths, pupils were accurate and confident in making mental calculations, had a good understanding of shape, position and movement, and were able to display information using graphs and charts. It was judged that improved ICT facilities would support the maths curriculum.

A supportive Parent Council had helped the school to establish strong partnerships with the local community and this was enhancing pupils' learning experiences. HMIe noted that parents received helpful information about their child's learning, about curricular events and about a Curriculum for Excellence. Appropriate arrangements were in place for dealing with concerns raised.

Teachers were found to be highly committed to improving the work of the school. They worked effectively as a team and demonstrated care and concern for all pupils. Support staff made an important contribution by helping children in their learning.

A particular strength of the school was the work undertaken by staff in taking forward a Curriculum for Excellence. Lorna Sim, acting Head Teacher, said: "I am delighted that the inspectors recognised the innovation shown and the hard work undertaken by staff in developing the new curriculum."

Aspects for improvement included improved differentiation of tasks and the strengthening of approaches to self evaluation. HMIe are confident that the school will be able to meet these and will therefore make no more visits in connection to this inspection.

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