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Bus Service between Treslaig and Ardnamurchan High School

Issued: 7 Feb 2007

Parents and guardians from the Fort William areas who choose to send their children to Ardnamurchan High School rather than Lochaber High School - their designated school - are being advised that bus fares between Treslaig and Corran Ferry and the school will be maintained at their current level until the end of the school session in July.

The Council has said that it will meet the additional cost of the operator, Shiel Buses, laying on a 40-seater coach instead of a 31-seater midibus, which was required for those pupils who live within the Ardnamurchan catchment area and are entitled to free school transport.

Neil Gillies, Director of Transport Environmental and Community Services, has written to parents to advise them of the developments following consultations with Councillor Charlie King, Chairman of the TEC Services Committee, and local Highland Councillor, Michael Foxley.

He said: "I refer to your concerns over the proposal to increase the fares on the bus service to offset the cost of providing a larger bus to accommodate the increase in passengers.

"I am pleased to advise you that I have reviewed these arrangements and, on the basis that this is a public service contract, can confirm that the additional cost will be met by the Council through our contractual arrangements with the operator.

"I am also aware that some parents would prefer to have the option of purchasing season tickets, and I would confirm that we actively pursuing this matter with the operator. I trust these arrangements will alleviate any concerns you may have in relation to this service."

Mr Gillies also advised parents that the current fare structure for this route is set below the Council's standard fare scale and that it would be reviewed on an annual basis, starting in June 2007, and that it would be the Council's long term objective to move towards the standard fare scale which is applied across the Highlands.

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